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New Mattis Statement Stops Juuuuust Short of Saying Everything Trump Did This Week Was a Bad Idea

July 20 2018 4:02 PMTa-Nehisi Coates is Leaving The Atlantic
July 20 2018 2:20 PMWill Eric Holder Really Enter the Democratic Primary While Working for a Law Firm Whose Clients Include Uber and the NFL?
July 19 2018 8:05 PMMiami Dolphins Says It Will Suspend Players up to Four Games for Kneeling During Anthem Next Season
July 19 2018 5:50 PMHouse Progressives Launch the Medicare for All Caucus
July 19 2018 5:22 PMTrump Invited Putin to Visit the White House This Fall So We Can Do This Whole Dumb Week All Over Again
July 19 2018 2:28 PMIsrael Passes Controversial Law Declaring Itself a Principally Jewish State
July 19 2018 1:23 PMDespite Public Fallout, Papa John May Still End Up Running Papa John’s
July 18 2018 5:34 PMWhite House Says Trump, Putin Discussed Letting Russian “Investigators” Question Americans Involved in Sanctions
July 18 2018 3:16 PMSenate Republicans’ Primary Hot Streak Could Be in Trouble in Arizona
July 18 2018 1:38 PMTennessee Has Record Number of Confederate Flag License Plates Three Years After Charleston Shooting
July 18 2018 9:48 AMGeorge Soros Calls Obama His “Greatest Disappointment” Because His Money Didn’t Buy Influence With the President
July 17 2018 8:54 PMRosenstein Reportedly Allowed Trump to Choose Timing of Latest Russia Indictments Due to National Security Considerations
July 17 2018 6:15 PMBarack Obama Cautions Against “Strongman Politics” in South Africa Speech
July 17 2018 5:51 PMNorth Carolina Republicans’ Latest Judicial Power Grab May Have Backfired Spectacularly
July 17 2018 4:56 PMTrump Appears to Have Crossed Out Line in Prepared Remarks About Bringing Anyone Involved in DNC Hack to Justice
July 20 2018 2:52 PMMulling a White House Bid, Eric Holder May Be Overestimating the Value of Obama Nostalgia
July 20 2018 12:54 PMMichael Cohen Secretly Recorded Trump Discussing a Hush Agreement, Reportedly In Person
July 19 2018 6:20 PMMore Evidence Emerges That Trump Intended for Family Separation to Be Permanent
July 19 2018 5:27 PMInitiative to Split California Into Three States Blocked From November Ballot
July 19 2018 3:38 PMGOP Senator Defects, Sinks Trump Judicial Nominee With History of Racist Writings
July 19 2018 1:30 PMMichelle Obama Launches Splashy Midterm Effort, but Not the One Democrats Wanted
July 18 2018 9:49 PMAmid Reports of Discovery of a Sunken Ship With $132.5 Billion in Gold, Day Traders Move Market Trying to Get in on the Action
July 18 2018 4:12 PMDemocrats Have a New Midterms Slogan. Why?
July 18 2018 3:15 PMTrump, Retreating Further Into Soothing Alternate Reality, Says Russia Is No Longer “Targeting” U.S. Because It’s Scared of Him
July 18 2018 1:03 PMHow Russia’s Mariia Butina Allegedly Used Sex to “Infiltrate” the Republican Party and NRA
July 17 2018 11:18 PMPoll Finds 71 Percent of Republicans Approve of Trump’s Handling of Russia, Even After Helsinki
July 17 2018 6:48 PMAndrew Cuomo’s Friends Are Suddenly Giving Him Lots of Small Donations
July 17 2018 5:52 PMThe Real Threat to American Democracy Isn’t Russia. It’s the Right.
July 17 2018 5:01 PMTrump Is Rewriting History to Claim the North Korea Summit as a Victory
July 17 2018 4:06 PMTrump’s MS-13 Fearmongering Is Working Perfectly With His Voters